The Wasteland

Dispatch from Caravan Master Dwosun Ur-Jack to The League of Progressives

Master List for Northbound Surveying Mission "Dust Eaters"

To the League,

List is as Follows:


  • Doc Savage – Android male, Chief Medical Officer
  • Bocephus aka “Hank” – Dog, male Driver/Walking Boss
  • L’sar – Catfolk male, Interrogator/Guard
  • Gizmo – Trollkin male, Mechanic/Engineer
  • Beaky – Tengu male, Cook
  • Sweets – Human male, Driver/Fuel Specialist
  • Yang – Human female, Guard/Scout
  • Darkwing – Tengu male Gunslinger/Scout
  • Kit – Kitsune male Fighter Extraordinaire


  • 1 Modified half-truck “Dwosun’s Smithy” (basic half-truck frame/drive-train with Exploration Pattern workshop module) Personally-owned vehicle of Dwosun
  • 1 Doc-in-a-box (Modified W.A.G.O.N. class All-terrain vehicle with Full triage and surgical components)
  • 1 Meatwagon (Standard-pattern all-terrain food-truck)
  • 1 Fuel Tanker (Standard-pattern multi-fuel H.E.A.V.Y. class truck with Fuel containment and dispersal modules installed.)
  • 1 Five-ton (Standard-pattern S.U.P.P.L.Y. truck)
  • 1 Modified half-truck ( basic half-truck frame/drive-train with S.A.V.I.O.R. Pattern winch and tow-arm system) Personally-owned vehicle belonging to Gizmo
  • 1 Dirt-bike (Standard-model S.C.O.U.T. Pattern All-terrain Motorcycle) Personally-owned vehicle of Yang

107 Total units of fuel

  • 100 units in Fuel Tanker
  • 07 units Disbersed to all vehicles.


  • 100 total units Asst’d Rations Loc: Five-Ton
  • 2 units asst’d Repair Goods Loc: Dwosun’s Smithy

One note to ye guys up there in the bean-countin’ division. Ye got me six trucks and FIVE drivers! Get me another daggum driver! I can’t leave this station till I get one! Ya MORONS, how you gonna overlook sumthin’ that OBVIOUS! – transcribed as spoken

Dwosun Ur-Jack, Caravan Master


Hey guys, I don’t have the forum yet, so for now, just feel free to drop a comment here if you have anything you want to ask about what I’ve got up here. Also, please go in and throw up a description of your characters. You should all be able to post there, if not, let me know and we’ll figure out how to fix that. I’ll be adding more over the next few days, and will be adding things to this pretty regularly as I create more content for the world, etc…


Oh! Check out the Wiki! This is where there will be most of the content that goes up, as I add more. This spot is weekly summaries of what went down, and will probably usually be from one of Caravan NPCs point of view in some fashion.

You guys are also welcome to post your own adventure logs as well if you want to.

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