Dwosun Ur-Jack

Dwarven Caravan Master/Trucker


Dwarf_Biker.jpgDwosun is a rangy, almost lanky, dwarf. He is never seen without his dog Bocephus, or “Hank” for short, named after the famous dwarven folk-singer trio from the Dwarven Clan of Williams, a favorite of both Bocephus and Dwosun’s. Dwosun typically wears a fringed leather vest, tanker-boots with spurs, a cowboy heat with the five-pointed start of the league of progressives on it’s peak, black wraparound sunshaders, and jeans.

Bocephus wears a pair of his cast-off chain-link leather armor, fashioned to look like a biker jacket. He has a cybernetic manipulator arm that sprouts from his back, that is either plugged into the dash-console of Dwosun’s truck, or sporting a heavily-modified sawed-off slug-thrower. Although the dog nevers says a word, and likely can’t it clearly understands common, and can make it’s feeling on most any matter understood with a short bark, growl, or gruff huff, chuff or similar noise. His face is extremely expressive, and he is prone to give disapproving scowls, or sarcastic tilts of his head or eyebrows. He loves Whiskey almost as much as he loves food. Almost.


Dwosun Ur-Jack is a seventh-generation trucker. His entire paternal line were truckers stretching back to before the End, when they used to run trucks along the massive dwarven underground highways shuttling goods from the dwarven cities to The Golden City. His ancestors got stuck in The Golden City when the world ended and the highways collapsed, but made a good living surveying the shattered tunnels and running caravans out into the wasteland to scavenge for resources in the very early days post apocalypse. He’s following in the family tradition and is looking to finally make a name for himself amongst the greats of Clan Ur-Jack.

Dwosun Ur-Jack

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